Happy Crump, aka Jelani Sefu, aka the Human Robot began martial arts training in 1958. Happy Crump has become a world renowned champion in Kumite, Kata, and Breaking. Today he is a vibrant 60 year old Grandmaster who is dedicated to being a martial artist. He holds high degree black belts in various systems of martial arts and special awards. He began training in Tae Kwon Do under Sensei Bobby Wooden. Soon thereafter he became a student of the Legendary Leon Wallace. Soon thereafter a legendary instructor approached Happy to become a student under him because of his Robotic Movements. Grandmaster Karriem Abdallah, K.A., became Happy’s next instructor whom he credits as making the greatest impact in his life and skills as a martial artist. He also thanks Soke Abdul H. Bilal for inspiring him. Lately, he had become a member of the Nasir Ryu Organization, under Soke Rasul Nair. Soke granted Happy the distinguished rank of Kyoshi 8th Dan Black Belt as an assistant instructor at Tactical Dojo.

There Kyoshi Happy Crump is responsible for preparing the students of Nasir Ryu for tournament competition and stage performances. In that preparation, he includes his skills of the Robot and his high level of excitement and confidence as a tournament competitor. Kyoshi Crump teaches at Tactical Dojo every Wednesday from 4pm – 9pm. Happy Crump became a student once again, as he learns the Ways of Nasir Ryu, particularly the tactics of Soke Rasul Nasir’s Projectile Throwing, and Handgun Disarming Tactics. Kyoshi will include these additional skills in his Robotic Movements.

Happy Crump is a great martial artist who’s been overlooked and forgotten. As a young mane he never received the attention, he so much deserved. As a Grandmaster his time has arrived. On the next few pages is a brief biography of this humble man and giant champion.

Happy Crump is the recipient of 400 trophies and is a sought after performer for his Robotic Movements. He has performed on the stages of the Apollo Theatre, Newark Symphony Hall and many more venues; he is no stranger to the stage, cameras or lights.


1958 -Began studying martial arts under Sensei Bobby Wooden
1970 - Performed the Robot behind the legendary singer Chuck Jackson, Muhammad   
           Ali’s Cologne Commercial. Performed at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark,
           New Jersey
1972 - On invitation from K.A the Founder of the Legendary KA. System, became a
           student of Karriem Abdallah, then known as Karriem Allah
1975 -  Won 1st place and Grand Champion Fred Hamilton Tournament
1980 -  Performed the Robot for a McDonalds Restaurant community event
           Grand Champion in Kumite at the Gary Alexander Tournament
2007 -  Awarded 8th Dan Kyoshi status in Nasir Ryu Karate by Soke Rasul Nasir
Appeared on Action Martial Arts TV Show
Appeared on BCAT TV show On The Mat