Jambo which is a Swahili word of expression which means Hello. It is said, that African People never say good-bye. Instead they offer an expression, that lets you know they intend to return as they entered with good spirits. So it is the word Jambo that we say to you now upon departure.

BLACK MARTIAL ARTIST.COM is the first website dedicated to giving exposure to these self sacrificing men and women who've given their lives to teaching martial arts, performing on stage and competing in open tournament competition.The martial artists displayed on this website have a history of 30 years plus in one or each of the areas mentioned. Some are well known and have become true legends in their arts, while others have simply remained out of sight below public attention. Still they deserve recognition and respect. It is our intention that you become familiar with these martial artist, for their contributions to individual lives and the communities where they teach and live.

Black Martial Artist are true giants and role-models to their students. As my teacher was, and still is to me. Sensei Ed Pough was more than just my karate teacher. He was a father though I had my father. Sensei Pough was there and always encouraged me. It was this karate teacher who gave me my first oppportunity to make money in the martial arts by using my artistic talents. Well today I have inspired many others to do the same as this website designer Ian Bascombe. We want not only to teach you about these martial artist but to also give the Black Martial Artist the opportunity to make money as martial artist. 

In the days to come we intend to develop the economic power of Black Martial Artist through this website. If you are such a martial artist who meets our requirements then please contact us at blackmartialartists@yahoo.com or nasirinc9@yahoo.com. Or call Nasir Inc. 718 771-7119.